Resources I used to break into UX Research

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Are these credible blogs? Am I going to waste my time learning on this website? Should I invest in buying an online course or a book? Do I even need a course? Is this podcast even about user experience? Will any of this apply to industry? Is this going to help me ace my interviews and land a decent internship?

Good news is:

Results speak for themselves…


This is a list of some Medium articles I read throughout learning all about UX Research:

So here are some good articles I read about UX Design:

And finally, here is a list of Medium articles I read to learn how to prepare for and nail my UX Research interviews:

Here are some top-notch Medium publications to follow:

Nielsen Norman Group

If you’re not sure where to start on NN Group, here are some excellent articles that you could read:



There are some incredible podcasts out there that I would really encourage you to listen to:

College Classes

If you want to learn more about my journey breaking into UX research, please check out my Medium article:

Have you found some good resources to expand your UX knowledge? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below :)




Product Manager @Pluralsight • Former UX Research Intern @Udemy

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Omar K. El-Etr

Omar K. El-Etr

Product Manager @Pluralsight • Former UX Research Intern @Udemy

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